Monday, August 29, 2016


So you know that Brit who was not super nice?  Well later in the day on Saturday, he asked if we could start over.  I said ok sure.  He asked if I wanted to do something that night.  I pretty much said I needed to do grading. Yes it is true, but I also wasn't ready to go out with him since he blew me off earlier because I was just trying to be honest about the whole going a little slower thing.  He really did make me uncomfortable talking about relationships and kissing me.  bleck! It isn't that it maybe wouldn't be ok eventually, but on the first time you talk to me it is not acceptable.  He texted later that night to see how grading went.  I said ok and that I was watching a Jane Austen movie. He seemed put out that I wasn't texting...except that I was, I was just watching a beloved movie at the same time.  One that I probably could quote so it was totally ok I was texting.  He said good night.  On Sunday he texted me about 9:30 pm.  He asked how I was.  I told him I was getting tired.  He said ok good night then.  Just because I say I was getting tired doesn't mean that I can't talk or text. I told him I wasn't going to bed until about 10:30/ He asked if I could talk.  I said yes but not for too long, because I needed to still organize some things for the next day.  He told me that this was getting dull and that any friendship we were developing was over now.

My impressions:He is kind of a jerk.  He also needs to chillax as my friend Scott said once about the bishop on our river rafting trip.  I was just being honest.  He basically told me the day before that we were over because I overreacted.  Maybe I did...but he also did make me very uncomfortable with all his crap about wanting to kiss me and if a relationship worked out kind of talk.  That is not ok for a first conversation.  So I was just trying to say that I needed to be a little slower, but was still excited to meet him.  He is not the man for me.  I dodged a bullet.  Maybe there is a reason why he is divorced and it isn't just his wife as he was implying on our conversation.

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