Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Grumpy Teacher

You know grumpy cat...well today I was grumpy teacher.  I swear all of the things that I tried to do to help my kids stay on task and work, were not working.  My after school conversation with my friend Tammy I think shed some light on some things I should do.  We were talking about relationships.  She is in a pretty serious one!  YEAH!  We were talking about processing things and how sometimes the ones we date don't process things the same way.  I tend to process things by talking it through with myself, write about it on my blog, or talk with others.  Its not even that I want it resolved super quickly, but I just want my thoughts out there.  Other people like herself tend to need time to resolve things and process things.  What we maybe both realized is that we need to be a little more compassionate and understanding of others as we process things differently and try to address their needs as well as our own.  Now back to grumpy teacher.  I need to make this a win-win for the class and myself.
My needs:
1. I need to teach them concepts and skills
2. I need to them to listen so they can learn said concepts and skills
3. I need them to work hard
4. Respect for me

Their needs:
1. They need to have engaging lessons (perhaps I have been a little too boring)
2. They need their reward they earned...we just didn't have time today kids. Sorry it is coming!
3. Respect from me and others
4. Love from their teacher

I do address some of these needs...just maybe I need to be a little more understanding of where they are coming from.  I need to place myself back into their shoes.

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