Saturday, August 27, 2016

Life Lessons learned from Jane Austen

I have seen and read Jane Austen type things many times over.  Sometimes I binge watch everything I own or can borrow.  Sometimes I reread things.  These are some of the things that I have learned from Jane Austen.
  • Good books stand the test of time
  • Good stories deserve to be told again and again (it is ok to make adaptations and continuations)
  • Be careful who you trust, be careful to get to know one's true character  There are often too many douchey men out there like Wickham
  • Don't judge people upon your first meeting--just look at Mr. Darcy!
  • A well written letter can make all the difference--Captain Wentworth you pierce my soul!
  • Follow your heart, don't let people talk you out of what you know is best for you.  Ann Elliot and Harriet Smith were talked out of their true love by others. Both luckily were able to end up with the right man in the end.
  • Don't loose hope--good things happen can happen even when all hope is gone--Ann Elliot you are too patient
  • Being kind to others is never a bad thing
  • Treat people with the respect they deserve even if they annoy you like Miss Bates and everyone deserves respect
  • Don't jump to conclusions like Catherine Morland did
  • Money should not make a difference in who you marry
  • Vanity working on a frail mind produces every kind of mischeif
  • Be cautious--Thank you Mr Woodhouse
  • You can marry as an older woman like Miss Weston
  • You can make up for your mistakes and become a better person like Emma
  • Listen to those who have your best interests in heart, but make decisions on your own to be better
  • Sometimes dashing men like Willoughby draw our attentions away from much more deserving men like Colonel Brandon.  Though we may fall in love with them, we must look more to the true character of them.
  • Sometimes people are hurting inwardly--never assume your hurt is more than someone else's
  • Forgiveness is important
  • Instinct (the spirit) can help us choose good men
  • Don't live on borrowed brings nothing good
  • Be frugal and live within your means unlike the Elliots 
  • Objects are just things--one does not need objects to be happy
  • Be a good aunt like Miss Bates--love your nieces and nephews and be excited for good things in their lives

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