Saturday, April 14, 2012

Top Ten List

As inspired by my friend I got set up on a date with. Here is my top ten list.


1. When you have been set up with someone on a blind date with someone you already know.

2. When you know someone who has written a dating book.

3. When other single people (often younger) are giving you lectures about why you are still single.

4. When a co-worker who is 20 years older then you tries to make a pact that when you are a certain age you will get married to each other.

5. When you have friends who have been married 3 times before you can get married once.

6. When you are the last child in your family to get married.

7. When your nieces and nephews set you up on dates.

8. When every other single person in your dating pool is either 10 years older or 10 years younger than you.

9. When all viable options for dating already have been married and have kids and are on round two when you are still on round one.

10. When people assume you have been married before because nobody is single this long.

**Disclaimer, most of these are true to my own experience. If you have any others to add to my list, please let me know. I have had some good laughs thinking about it this last week or so.

When you have friends who set you up with someone in a different state.
When you haven’t been on a date for many months to year+.
When nieces and nephews get married before you.

Blind Dates

Usually they are just ok, sometimes with a good story, rarely is it good. I just had two of the three I these. Good story and a just ok one maybe a little better than ok but I will get to that. So first start with my good story. I had an amazing ward 10 years ago at BYU the 198th. I had good friends, crushes and mutual likes. My cousin Kathleen set me up with 2 fellows this last week. One was a friend from this 198th ward. She didn't know I have known him for about 10 years. Had a crush on his roommate and his other roommate often tried to ask me out but I always dodged it. Both are now married. My date is the only one still single out of that group When he saw me he said "you know you have been in the dating world too long when..." it was funny. We had a good time, caught up on whats going on in our lives and of common people we knew. I enjoyed myself.
The ok date was probably more than ok but maybe not that good. He is a nice guy we had fun and somethings in common but there just wasn't the essential spark. Not saying I wouldn't go out with him again but... Life is such that we live hundreds of miles away from each other we have some things in common but also have some differing opinions about some big ticket items as was shown by some of our conversation. That's is all well and good because even if it did work out I wasn't completely sure I wanted to give up my life here anyway. I have a good job and a mortgage. I would give it up for someone who was the love of my life but not really until there was a ring on my my on my finger. So there you go.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

forbiden fruit

So I have finally done it. I got an ipad after the declaration I made almost a year ago that I was going to get one. It is an ipad 2 not the new ipad. I decided that the extra 100 dollars wasn't worth it for me. Many people disagree, but for my purposes its fantastic. I had my name put on the back-because I am cool like that. So I pretty much think apple products are amazing. I have many of their usb cables all over. I have one at school, home, backpack etc. My grand total of apple devices that I use on a regular basis is 5. So here is the run down...
ipad-pretty much going to use it for everything. I don't own a computer myself so this will do most everything I want a computer to do.
MacBook pro-it belongs to the school, but I use it daily for school and home use.
ipod touch- got it through JHAT and use it for daily ipod type stuff like listening to music, games etc. I will also admit that I use the free text app to call my phone when I forget where I put it down.
iphone-probably used the most, but good news is I often am where I can get wi-fi free or am already paying for it.
ipod classic-so this one was my first true owned by me apple device. Still love it, amazing still. I use this for car trips and such since it can hold 80 g of data.

If I were to get a new one it would be a shuffle since they are so small, but really do I need it? Probably not.