Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blind Dates

Usually they are just ok, sometimes with a good story, rarely is it good. I just had two of the three I these. Good story and a just ok one maybe a little better than ok but I will get to that. So first start with my good story. I had an amazing ward 10 years ago at BYU the 198th. I had good friends, crushes and mutual likes. My cousin Kathleen set me up with 2 fellows this last week. One was a friend from this 198th ward. She didn't know I have known him for about 10 years. Had a crush on his roommate and his other roommate often tried to ask me out but I always dodged it. Both are now married. My date is the only one still single out of that group When he saw me he said "you know you have been in the dating world too long when..." it was funny. We had a good time, caught up on whats going on in our lives and of common people we knew. I enjoyed myself.
The ok date was probably more than ok but maybe not that good. He is a nice guy we had fun and somethings in common but there just wasn't the essential spark. Not saying I wouldn't go out with him again but... Life is such that we live hundreds of miles away from each other we have some things in common but also have some differing opinions about some big ticket items as was shown by some of our conversation. That's is all well and good because even if it did work out I wasn't completely sure I wanted to give up my life here anyway. I have a good job and a mortgage. I would give it up for someone who was the love of my life but not really until there was a ring on my my on my finger. So there you go.

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  1. Who was the guy from our ward?! That's hilarious!!! Seriously, crackin me up.