Wednesday, April 11, 2012

forbiden fruit

So I have finally done it. I got an ipad after the declaration I made almost a year ago that I was going to get one. It is an ipad 2 not the new ipad. I decided that the extra 100 dollars wasn't worth it for me. Many people disagree, but for my purposes its fantastic. I had my name put on the back-because I am cool like that. So I pretty much think apple products are amazing. I have many of their usb cables all over. I have one at school, home, backpack etc. My grand total of apple devices that I use on a regular basis is 5. So here is the run down...
ipad-pretty much going to use it for everything. I don't own a computer myself so this will do most everything I want a computer to do.
MacBook pro-it belongs to the school, but I use it daily for school and home use.
ipod touch- got it through JHAT and use it for daily ipod type stuff like listening to music, games etc. I will also admit that I use the free text app to call my phone when I forget where I put it down.
iphone-probably used the most, but good news is I often am where I can get wi-fi free or am already paying for it.
ipod classic-so this one was my first true owned by me apple device. Still love it, amazing still. I use this for car trips and such since it can hold 80 g of data.

If I were to get a new one it would be a shuffle since they are so small, but really do I need it? Probably not.

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