Sunday, August 17, 2014

Next Year in Jerusalem

During a Jewish Seder during the Passover celebration they say "next year in Jerusalem." During the diaspora the Jewish people were spread across the globe and want to go to the holy city Jerusalem. They say this year after year even when 

I find myself in a place where this phrase has come to mind.  Literally I would love to go back to Jerusalem.  There will always be a place in my heart that is fond of Jerusalem and its people--all people.  This post is not about the violence that has happened recently though I will say that I am propeace.  I am pro Palestinian, and pro Israeli.  I am not for violence.  There are people on both sides that have made poor choices that have endangered the lives of many and will continue to hurt and kill others because of their selfishness.  The land is valuable--both sides want it--find a way to live in peace respecting each other.  I think that the people who are causing the most hurt are only looking at what their side can gain and not about people and humanity. Enough said...

Figuratively this phrase of "next year in Jerusalem" is bringing me comfort.  Jerusalem is the Holy City the "Oz at the end of the Yellow Brick Road."  It represents to me what I so desperately want.  I want to be a wife and a mother.  I think I would be a good one--though I don't think I am a great dater. "Next year in Jerusalem" is a phrase that elicits hope even though things are not what we want right now.  Our situation may be hard, but we always can say "next year in Jerusalem."  That dream can show us God's love for us.  We can have faith in His plan for us individually and collectively. 

In Relief Society today we had the dreaded "Eternal Marriage" lesson.  You know, the lesson where you want to avoid it and just miss Relief Society that day?  It actually was the best lesson I have been in in years.  The sister giving the lesson is single.  That was a huge factor in why it was an excellent lesson. Often people giving the lesson don't know how to address the single sisters in the ward.  It doesn't matter if they have never been married, widowed or divorced they don't know what to say.  She knew what to day.  She addressed my needs as well as those who are married.  We talked about how God's plan will provide for us.  God will not leave us and say "sorry you don't get a Celestial Life but these people over here do."  God is not like that. She expressed that in the premortal life we knew what struggles we were going to face, but we chose to come to earth anyway.  We knew we were going to be single a lot longer than what we would like, but we chose this anyway because we had faith in God's plan.  We can still have faith in God's plan.  One of the sisters in the ward expressed that she was unable to have children without adoption.  She knows it isn't the same, but similar in many ways--and it is.  She said just because you have faith, doesn't mean it is going to be painless.  It is supposed to something that you want.  The pain shows us that this really is the right thing for us to want and desire.  The sister giving the lesson then went on to those who are married.  She talked about how we all need to work on celestial marriages.  None of us have them now and we all have to work on them.  She gave us a list of things to do that can help us all return to our Father in Heaven and have a celestial marriage. 

Though it is hard and painful in many ways--I do have faith in God's plan.  I struggle often with having a perfect brightness of hope and faith the size of a mustard seed, but I am trying.  So next year in Jerusalem.