Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dear Walmart

Dear Walmart, or more correctly dear walmart cashier,

If your company says they will price check, that should be always, not just when it is convenient to you. I understand I was buying a bunch of rather inexpensive school supplies far less than your store, but if Office Depot will let me do it for an extended limit because I am a teacher, so should you. I have purchased the same thing earlier this week, at your store, for the same price, there is no reason why you should treat me like a criminal. Really do you think that me buying a bunch of folders is just for fun, or for my own personal use. I showed you my teacher ID, really what do you think they are for? I bought them out of my own pocket, and because of that I am trying to get the best possible price for them. I am sorry they are for a penny, but do you think I would want to pay 15 cents if I could get them for a penny? I have overlooked some of your shady practices in the past Walmart because you were convenient, open at all times, are everywhere and your low prices. I like how you offer price matching, but please instruct your cashier to be nicer about it and to not treat me like a shady character. My teacher badge means something to me and should to you as well. I do not like to be treated poorly. Thank you manager for making it happen even when your cashier was rude.

On the other hand...
Dear Walmart Greeter at the Midvale Walmart,

You are my favorite! I would love to keep you around. I love how you bring a smile to my face every time I go into the store. You do your job well and people can hear you. I missed you when you were gone. I hope you are feeling better now that you are back. I will keep you and never go into Miss Cashier's line again, and if for some reason I am forced to do it, and I find out her name, I will complain to the manager about poor customer service--you never have been very nice to me, and yes I have I used your line before...Walmart please work on your customer service with your cashiers. THANK YOU!

Upset Customer,