Saturday, March 30, 2013

Death by Evaporation

Have you ever heard of such a thing?  I assure you it's a real thing.  Once upon a time when my brother was in high school he had some molly fish.  You know, if you ever have had mollys, that if you have boy and girl mollys they reproduce like guppies. He was very excited at first.  He got the tank all spruced up for them and he was taking care of them and had a special little net for all of the babies. There were many little babies. Eventually he got busy and let the tank run itself.  He even put it in the other room.  It was ok, the fish took care of themselves.  They ate whatever they could find in the tank.  My brother ended up forgetting about them and the water evaporated slowly but surely.  They died of evaporation.

What is my point?  This is like how guys in their 30s deal with women now.  They first respond well to them, but eventually stop contacting them.  They seem excited at first but eventually get busy with other things and just stop contacting.  Other things could be work, other women whatever it doesn't matter. They are letting any potential relationship die by evaporation.  They just forget about it and let it take care of itself by not contacting the other person. It dies of evaporation.

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