Monday, March 18, 2013


I will admit that I have always wanted to have twins.  Ever since I was little, I thought having twins would be awesome.  Yes as I have gotten older, I have realized how hard it would be.  Incredibly hard, in case you were wondering. In addition to this it might be a possibility.  It runs in my family.  Most recently in the family line, My grandfather had siblings who were twins.  I have several cousins who also have twins.  Also more and more multiple births are happening. That being said, I have never even though of having triplets until recently...

A few months ago, I had a dream about having triplets.  I was married and had just delivered triplets in the hospital.  Two boys and a girl.  They had names Bridget, Marc and Ben.  And yes it was Marc with a was very clear.  Bridget was the biggest baby, but they were all small.  My brother Stephen and his wife Alison came to the hospital to visit.  My brother in being his jovial self said "I guess you win!"  This would be in reference to me having 3 kids and my other siblings only having 2. It was super realistic.

Ok--how does one take a dream like that?  Well I joke about it and such, but in my mind I think of it more as a possibility than before...

Now that's not all.  A few days ago I had another dream about triplets. I was not too far along but pregnant with them.  I had been to the doctor and he discovered there were 3 babies.  I decided I needed to tell my principal, even though I had not told very many people.  I talked to him about how I may need to miss some days and how I go about thinking about people for maternity leave.  I said my sister-in-law had her babies in May and had a student teacher take over as the long term sub when she was done.  I wondered about that possiblity.  And another detail was that these babies were due in May.

Crazy, no?  Two dreams about having triplets.  I just don't know what to say.

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