Thursday, March 28, 2013

32...well maybe not

There are exactly 2 months until my birthday yet in the past few months people have asked how old I am(you know ones I actually tell how old I am, not my students) and I have said more than once I am 32.  I am NOT 32.  I am still 31. And I don't even realize until after I tell them. I was wondering why my brain is doing this...I think the first half of being 31 was a challenge to me in so many ways.  It was hard personally, professionally etc... I think my brain is thinking its time to move on to something bigger and better.  There are good things in store for me. 32 will be an awesome year!  I am just getting a head start now.

On a side note I don't tell my students how old I am ever.  I do tell them what year I was born on my birthday and let them figure it out.  I know there are only 1-2 weeks of school left after my birthday.  When they ask me how old I am I have always said "old enough" and leave it at that. I had a girl in another class ask how old I was yesterday. I told her, old enough to be her mother...which is true. :)

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