Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Big 3

So continuing with my theme of dating, since that is a part of my life, sometimes it is bigger, sometimes its smaller.  It is ever present. So YES, I want to get married (just in case you were not clear).  So what are the big 3 you ask? 
First I will tell you how this idea came to be.  Every time, I mean EVERY TIME, I get together with single friends, we talk about dating.  We have after all been dating since we were about 16 and are now in our 30s.  Even if you don't count dating until we were a marriageable age at say 18, it has still been longer than a decade for us. We often talk about how our expectations in our dating lives have changed in our years of dating. When we were 18-early 20s we had high expectations and a longer list.  Now into our 30s our list is much smaller.  Despite what others may think, we are not picky.  We are not choosy.  We still have standards and are not going lower them, but we still want good guys.  Truth is a lot of the good guys are already married.  So to those people telling me that I am choosy--especially since they maybe got married young--like say 18-26 range--you don't know what you are talking about.  I am not asking for much really...

The big 3 (according to one friend, but I also agree with)
1. Has a career type job
2. Does not live with mom and dad
3. Is committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

So basically if I can find a man I can communicate with that has these 3 qualities--you are golden.

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  1. I totally get this. And its one reason I think I ended up marrying a man younger than me. All the men my age and older that I'd meet seemed to strike out on your Big 3 list. My "young" husband, though, was still totally on the ball :)