Friday, March 29, 2013

Third in a line of Triplets

I had another dream about triplets.  This one was a little more dreamish and not realistic, but still my third dream on the subject.  This time a friend who actually does have multiples (twins) was in my dream.  In the dream these multiples were triplets combining her first and second pregnancies into one.  She has twin boys and an older girl.  In my dream she had 2 girls and a boy--hence the more dreamish dream.  She had me hold them at the same time to give me practice.  So though this wasn't as realistic and something I could totally see happening, I do find it odd that I keep having dreams like this.

Confession time:  I had the Quits dolls and used to pretend that my barbies had multiple births.  With 5 to choose from sometimes they only had one, other times they had 2, 3, 4, or 5. Now I don't think you realize how cool these dolls were.  They had numbers on their diapers on their bums and thier girl dolls had full on pig tails though they were babies and the boys also had a full head of hair.  They were pretty amazing!

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