Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Winners Take It All

Wow that was amazing--possibly the most amazing play I have ever seen in my football watching career. RISE AND SHOUT THE COUGARS ARE OUT!

I am very excited for this season and hope for the best.  We already have a major injury with Taysom Hill and there were some suspensions and things prior to going into this game against Nebraska.  We pulled through.

BYU often does well the first half of the game and struggles the second.  This is how I see my life thus far.  I succeeded in many things the first half and now there are struggles.  It may feel like I need to throw that Hail Mary.  There is a chance to succeed! There is hope, even with only 1 second left on the clock.  There will also be more games.  Even if this one doesn't work in my favor--there are more games.

After the game I walked with a friend.  She is struggling right now with a transition in her life and is feeling down.  All I wanted to talk about was how amazing the game was and all she wanted was for someone to listen and empathize with her.  I was frustrated because she didn't share my excitement and she was frustrated because I maybe heard what she said--but didn't really listen.  There will be times in life where we must share in the joy that someone is feeling even when we are feeling down and reversely we must truly listen and try to understand someone even when we are on a high note.  I left the walk feeling frustrated as I am sure she did too.  She told me she didn't care about BYU or Football which is fine--but honestly this is the best play I think I have ever seen made by my team.  I felt a little offended that she didn't want to share in my happiness.  She basically tried to put me in my place for talking too much about an important event of my day to emphasize that her life was more important. (or so it appeared)  Yes I know real life is more important than football, but leisure activities are important to relieve stress and bolster good feelings.  That is what I had--but now I feel a little dashed because I feel deeply about everything--excitement, sadness, pain etc... She felt offended that I seemed not to care about her or her feeling down.  I really do care about her and what she is going through.  What she didn't know is that I often feel upset or down...just read this blog.  I know I only write when I have strong emotions and often those are the negative ones as they tend to be stronger.  I am going through similar hardships at a different stage. She is frustrated with feeling like most of her friends don't care anymore--I feel the same way.  So many of my friends have moved on with their life.  There is a time and season for everything and everyone. She is frustrated with being single in a family oriented church--me too!  She is frustrated with our little branch where most people are much younger and just married.  Its hard to make friends.  I understand.  I don't understand what it is like to have lost my parents--but I do understand loss.  I understand because I feel it too.  I had a blip of excitement from the game--and I feel like it is now dashed because I wasn't being the friend I needed to be.  I am also frustrated because I should be able to be excited--Often enough on our walks she goes on and on about her feelings good and bad--I know I do too--but what is so bad about being excited about a sporting event?  NOTHING!  We are into different things and that is ok.  So the major lesson learned is that it is ok to be excited--but we must also listen to others.  It is also ok to be down and listen to other's excitement.  I know I feel bad about my actions--but she probably doesn't even realize that she kind of hurt my feelings too. Time to buck up! I honestly didn't need the negativity today--I wish I could handle someone else's negativity and my own too--but I can't always. I now mostly feel guilty because I wasn't good enough of a friend.  I need to realize I did my best and that is all I need to be.

So the Winner Takes It All--  Sometimes we can feel sad as winners and losers and feel sad and that's ok.

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