Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sleeping and Waking

Should I be sleeping...of course but alas I am awake and truly upset.  Facebook lovingly provides you with your memories of what happened on this day in the past...For months now I have been reliving a nightmare by looking at them.  I am intrigued daily by what is on them.  Some days are amazing, whereas others or sad.  It has happened--the day that my heart was broken was relived through these memories.  Interestingly enough years later my brother was married and it was joyful.  I feel full of emotions---not just over the reliving of memories, but of how awful online dating is.  Everything is at best uncomfortable and more often for me tends to be questions or comments that are inappropriate for someone you have never met and of a rather intimate nature.  No! is all I have to say to men on the internet.  Your comments are not warranted, nor are they wanted.  You should never email someone these kinds of questions without meeting them, and even then...probably not appropriate.

It is now 1:12 in the morning as I type.  My heart is no longer broken as it once was--there is a great big beautiful tomorrow.  The long sleep of being alone will be done soon--waking will come soon.

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