Monday, March 7, 2016


I am so frustrated!  I know I am not perfect by any means.  I make mistakes, so many mistakes.  So it is time to vent for a second and try to make a plan to make myself better.  I feel like some friends I have are not true friends.  I get that people are just trying to take care of themselves, but it doesn't mean I am not hurt or frustrated.  Planning for the future with others is hard when you all have different needs and wants.  Yes you want to work together, but you don't want to feel shafted either.  I don't like it.

So planning to make myself better. 
1. Really listen to other people.  Don't assume my problems are more important that other people's problems
2. Try to find some sort of compromise when working with others that everyone feels like they are ok in the end
3. Its ok to not get what you want, but it is also ok to fight for yourself.
4.Pray and listen for guidance

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