Wednesday, May 1, 2013

friends from a former life

I saw a friend last night I haven't seen in years.  It is amazing to me that I could go back and we had conversations we had in high school or college.  I will be honest however.  Because we are in totally different places in our lives, I didn't think it would be this way.  It is refreshing to know that there are friends that can last a long time.  There have been so many friends I have had in my life that were only in my life for a time.  Perhaps for some it was before they got married, and others while they were in classes, or a ward or at work were my friends but have since move on, but really haven't I as well.  I have moved on to other friends and to other experiences.  I am glad to know that even though we have moved onto new experiences, we are still friends.  THAT IS A GOOD FEELING.

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