Saturday, April 13, 2013

Things I dislike...

I dislike pregnancy pictures that look like engagement photos.
I especially dislike it when they make a heart with their hands on the pregnant tummy.
I dislike naked baby newborn photos.  I don't want to see your baby's nakedness unless I am changing their diaper. 
I dislike when people say expecially--it is especially---no x is involved.
I dislike it when my shoulder hurts.
I dislike it when people tell me what I want, when they don't really know.
I dislike it when people are condescending to me.
I especially dislike it when I just let them be because I don't know how to respond.
I dislike it when people act like they are in high school and are clicky when they are adults.
I dislike when I don't feel like I can act like myself around people.
I dislike when I over think things.
I dislike when people take to long to respond to an email, text, phone call etc.
I dislike when I realize I have wasted the day away.
I dislike when you have a bruise and you don't know where it came from.
I dislike when I try to make everyone I am with happy and I feel like it was all for not because they don't care or are unappreciative.
I dislike when you choose a TV boyfriend(you know, your favorite characters) and they disappoint you.
I dislike when they kill off characters you like in stories--TV or books.
I dislike when I cry over a commercial, or a TV show.
I dislike when I let other's peoples choices hurt me.
I dislike how I always crave sugar.
I dislike how some clothes are always uncomfortable.

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