Sunday, December 4, 2011

THANKSGIVING and mini recap

Ok followers, I know its been way to long but life gets busy. Here we go since June, ready set go:
June: JHAT--Loved the class, learned a lot about US history, did awesome on my quizzes--one of the best in the class recharged for the next school year.
July: Started cleaning out the classroom---ya I got moved to the portable, it was awesome to have to move everything and organize it all. Mostly got it, but not quite...Went to Zion National Park and Shakespearean Festival with Lisa. I do love his plays. Always fun. Saw Charlotte for the first time in years and went to the St. George Temple for the first time.
August:Went to California with Matthew. Visited the Long Beach Temple and Los Angeles Temple. Went to Disney, California Adventure and Universal Studios. Also went to San Juan Capistrano and the Beach. Great visit staying at Michael's place. Sad turn of events was that the guy at the wax musuem broke my camera--good thing ipods now come with a camera. Pictures will follow in the future. and of course started school.
September: Cousin Rick's funeral. I drove with aunt Lenora to Cali got stuck in the worst traffic of my life. The El Cajon pass was shut down and we were on i-15 forever. YUCK! It was a very uplifting funeral. It was great to see some cousins I don't see to often. Went to the Nixon Presidential Library--"what would Nixon do?". Started ESL endorsement.
October:Learned the Thriller Dance. And ya I am pretty much awesome now. We did a flash mob for the stake activity with the ward and then went to thrill the world activity in Park city. We dressed as Zombies and pretty much had a great Zombie Apocalypse. Who knew what a good zombie I could make?
November: Big items were Thanksgiving. Ate dinner with Mom, dad, Matthew and Stephen's family. Made some no added sugar pies for dad. The fruit pies could take the fake sugar...but dang the pumpkin pie's mom made were nasty. Kaye had Matthew and me go to Black Friday to get some stuff for Christmas. This year it was 10 pm open at Walmart. It was crazy but I had a job that wasn't nearly as bad.

So here are the pies:


And overall key words about this school year: Hard, busy, chatty, portable, stealing: Its been a hard school year thus far. Kids are good, but forget that they are good. We are working on it. Kids are getting a little less chatty. Have to remember to look at it day by day. It is great having Mar in class though. I do love that girl! She is pretty much the best5th grade niece ever. And to not leave anyone out I also have a great 4th great nephew, Kinder nephew and 7th grade niece. Ya they are the greatest and make me smile. :)

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  1. Oh those pies look delicious...I love pie :)
    And yes--Pam directed me to your Blog. Love it!