Monday, December 5, 2011

December Craft Night

About a year ago, Teeno and I decided to start craft night...we have been off and on for a while and haven't done one for a long time actually. Well we finally did a craft. Added som new faces too. We made a Christmas Wreath. It was awesome. Emily, Jillyn, and Lisa came too. We made a huge mess with all the glitter and it is still permeating my life. Its all good. As always we had great food. I had a million ribbons and didn't use them all. Emily said I am a walking craft store...sometimes that is kinda true, not gonna lie. Anyway here are some pics:

Dorky pose

My wreath on Teeno's door

Lisa's Wreath

Teeno's Wreath

Yes I got blisters from burning myself with the hot glue gun

Glitter aftermath