Monday, October 1, 2012

Family History and Temple Work

Yesterday I went to meeting for Single Adults in my stake. There were only a few representatives from each of the wards. Apparently 1/3 of my stake is single including everyone from people like me 31 and never been married, to single parents, to widows and widowers that are elderly. They were working on a way to try to "help us." Sorry to say I don't know if this will really help because our needs are so different. My needs are different than those single members that have kids. One person who was there said he worked for the church in the family history department and according to him soon you will not be able to go to the temple unless you provide your own names. I seriously hope that is not true because that would mean not only am I the awkward one at church because I am single, but that I am not allowed to go to the temple too. I am sorry that my family has been diligent with family history for decades and it is incredibly difficult to find names to do temple work for. It is almost impossible. Well if that is the case, I guess I wont go. In his little pontification he said people would bring their own names or use those from their ward. Well if this is the case, why would people want to share their family names if it meant that they couldn't go when they ran out? Besides the fact that it is nice to do your own family names. I just don't see how this will work. There are a lot of people who are doing extraction. There are a lot of temple workers. There are missionaries who go to the temple. Are we going to forget extraction? Will missionaries not go to the temple because they don't have time to find a name? It just doesn't make sense besides the fact that it is not allowing me and my family to go to the temple any more. Overall I left this meeting feeling discouraged.

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  1. I have heard this rumor before a few years ago. I highly doubt that it is true. I will ask my Mom if she has heard anything like this. She's a temple worker.