Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am aware that we all have trials in our lives. They are all hard for the person who is in the middle of them. I am some ones that are pretty observable. Many peoples are less observable, but are still challenging none the less. I have seen so many people this week who have had some struggles that have broken my heart for them. I have also struggled with my own trials. I have cried for my own trials and theirs this week and I hope for the best for all of us involved.

I also think some of my trials were chosen by me before this life or were chosen by my choices in this life. For example due to my choices in this life of becoming a teacher and then working toward a masters degree has led to some frustrations and trials. This is not completely unheard of in the world of teaching. Look at the Chicago teachers. They stood up for a better work environment and situation for them and for the students even if they didn't teach for over a week. Schools cannot be run like a business because kids are not products. They have their own will power and choices and back stories. I feel underappreciated. So my specific frustrations are with a few choices by my district and their deadline for turning in paper work for the master's degree to be compensated. Yes I am happy they are funding steps and lanes this year. But no local universities are done before April 15. Could we maybe change the date? THANKS!

So here is my other trial that I think I chose. I really think I have chosen to be single. I think I chose it before coming to this earth. I am sure this was a trial that I knew could handle. I know I don't always like it in this life but I know it could be worse. I could be in a bad marriage or have a child out of wed lock etc...

Now my friends this week have had hard situations this week. And yes I really did cry a few times for them. I hope for the best for them, but will leave their specific situations out of this post for their privacy. And for them--you are strong, you have support around you through family and friends. You got this! Believe in yourself. We love you!

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