Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Hope That Something Better Comes Along

So I have some New Years Resolutions...I am trying to be realistic about them, but also accomplish them. So here goes...

Read John Adams and at least 1 book a month for fun and learning. How To: Read before bed...

Read at least 1 verse of Book of Mormon Daily--I admit I am not that great at it, and need to be better. How To:1 verse isn't that bad so I can do it. Also I found a scripture study 40 day program--get through all of the Book of Mormon-- that some RS president created and posted on Sugar Doodle. I gave it to our Relief Society and I am using it too.

Build better Relationships with friends and family. How To: Visit or talk to someone at least once a week. Doable no?

Be more healthy. How To: Exercise a more and eat better.

To go along with the one above I want to make myself a healthy dinner at least once a week.(I like to cook, just not for one person, so I sometimes don't eat as healthy as I should...I eat too many convenience foods.) How To: Plan meals before I go grocery shopping.

Write on my blog at least once a month. Ok so I don't write a journal, at least this is showing my thoughts and such... and I should contribute more to the Van Orden blog. How To: Think about what is going on in my life and just write it down.

Be a better teacher. How To: stay more up to date on planning and grading. I have it in me, but I get behind.

Go to someplace new. How To: I am going to Boston with JHAT--ya I am siked! But I am going to try somewhere else too--stay tuned.

Do something fun/go somewhere at least once a month. (museums, Seven Peaks etc.) How To: Plan ahead, and utilize my pass of all passes.

Organize my house and declutter. How To: Put things in their place and do some organizing my life a little each day.

In addition I need to make sure I reevalutate often...

So I have had this muppets song stuck in my head for days. I think it works here as my title of this post, but also for my life. I somehow have become obsessed with my lack of dating. Boo, right! I am fine and should be fine with being single. Why should I be sad about my brothers dating and me not. I am happy, but I should more kind about it. Well that's all I want to say about it...

Premise of the clip: Miss Piggy and Kermit are on a date, shorty after meeting eachother and Miss Piggy gets a phone call and then just disappeared. Kermit is sad, obviously. He goes to the pianist Rowlf and they sing this song.

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  1. Good job starting the new year's resolution! It will be fun to see it progress.