Friday, May 13, 2011

Since When Do I Crave Tuna?

Never is the answer...until tonight. I don't even really like tuna. I keep buying it when its on sale thinking that I will eat it. It never happens and I end up giving it to a food drive at school or somewhere else. What does that mean? I am sure there is a metaphor in there somewhere, or at least a simile. :) I wasn't too hungry, hence I didn't eat dinner, but I was getting a little hungry and as I walked by the pantry a sudden craving hit-TUNA. So what can you do but eat a can of tuna?

So back to my changes--ok so still a little scared of 30. I am preparing for the new common core and honestly the new ward doesn't seem that bad. Yes there have been some uncomfortable moments, but ultimately those moments have come as a realization that I am glad I am not married to the "jack" that is my former fiance. That's not entirely true. I have been glad for basically the whole time we have been broken up, what I would like to add is that I realized that he really truly is a "jack." And not just to me and everyone else loved him--meaning something was wrong with me, but to other people too. So I guess I realized it really wasn't me. I know, a long time coming. But in someways its hard not to. When someone breaks up with you three weeks before your wedding date(better than the day of, I know) but does it over the phone and then refuses to see you ever again, the insecurities inside kick in and you feel horrible about yourself. So this is a good thing that I truly see what was going on. Who tells their friend they are unsure about their engagement, but not actually to their fiance?...oh I know my former fiance...

Back to the metaphor or simile because I am using as: So maybe something positive will happen in my future with change. My feelings will change. Just as my feelings and understanding about tuna is changing so are my feelings toward myself, relationships etc will change and for the better! Maybe tuna is ok afterall. :)

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