Monday, September 12, 2016

non jerk

Yes I am aware that I may be making some poor choices and have made some poor choices in my life.  I will say it really bothers me that certain people in my life are referring to the man I dated as a jerk.  He isn't a jerk. Granted he is not ready...but that doesn't mean he is a jerk.  I actually think he is a kind man who isn't ready for a relationship...maybe never will be.  If the opportunity presented itself, I would date him again just to see.  Our issues were communication.  That is something you can fix.  You can't fix a respect issue.  He was hurt still and had some bad habits from his former marriage.  I have issues too from being perpetually single.  I am not saying it will work out.  It more than likely will not.  I also will say that online dating is kind of the worst.  All these guys are just at best bleh, or at worst pretty yucky.  I am not really interested in any of them.  Is this what my life is going to be like--endless swipes left or right to find nothing special at the end of the rainbow.  No thank you! Overall I hate when people refer to him as a jerk. It isn't ok.  Maybe situations were not great...but it was never intentional. There are a lot more jerky men out there...and I have met my fair share of them.

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