Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reasons you know your biological clock is ticking...

Tic, Tic, Tic

Please take this as a joke as it is meant to be, but as in any joke there is some truth to it all...

  • You sometimes walk down the baby aisle at the store and swoon
  • You have dreams about having kids
  • You have talked to your woman doctor about someday having kids and how hard it may or may not be
  • Your favorite part about church is seeing the cute babies and possibly getting to hold one
  • You know more than you should about the pros and cons of birth control
  • You plan on playing the "baby lottery" when you get married and hope that you will win the jack pot
  • You become emotional when you read a Jimmy Fallon article about how he discusses how he and his wife had infertility issues
  • You follow your friends facebook and blogs about their adoption process
  • You become uncomfortable in church when they talk about marriage and family
  • You know and maybe have possibly even googled information about the breastfed and formula fed baby debate

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