Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Political Rant...

Despite many around me I have not yet decided who to vote for for President next fall. I think this is a true indicator of how I am a true moderate in my political beliefs. I also am referring to people who have chosen our current President Obama and not just Candidate Mitt Romney.

A few things I do not like about this election: People assume I need to vote for Mitt Romney because he is Mormon, and or Republican. For my Mormon friends, never has it been said that we need to vote for a republican in church and never will. The Republican party of Abraham Lincoln was more like the Democrats of today. Democrats have also changed. Parties change over time. Mormons outside of the United States tend to like the Democrats of the United States.

In my world I have seen benefits of both candidates. I voted for Obama in the past and do not regret it. I had a hard time in that election too. I do not think Obama is perfect, but I also do not think Romney is either as is evidence by the rest of this rant.

Mitt Romney made some major mistakes in his political tour. Many will not think these are major, but let it be known they are and can possibly lead to some major terrorist actions.

Mitt Romney declared Jerusalem to be the capitol of the Jewish state. For many this is true, but the US embassy is in Tel Aviv where they recognize as the capitol because of the situation where Palestinians (who have an Olympic team) refer to Jerusalem as their capitol. He went on and talked about how the culture of the Israelis is better than that of the Palestinians. Really??? Are you kidding me??? That is a super racist comment. I know that the US is the best ally to Israel, but should we be? In the United States we only here of those Palestinian terrorists, but do we hear of all the horrible things Israel is doing to occupied Palestinians? They take over their given territory and build settlements and expect Palestinians to be ok and even happy about it. That is not a peace settlement move. How would you feel if in 1948 you have to give up land for a Jewish state? I do not disagree it should exist, it should, but not at the downfall of the Palestinians. Many are still in refugee camps. Yes refugees since 1948. It is many generational problem. Their "culture" may be less according to Romney because their businesses may be small, and many have little money, but they cannot help that.

Now to my Mormon friends who say things in regards to how this is fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant. You are right, Jews living in Israel is part of that. But...did you ever consider that Abraham is one of the Muslim prophets too? They descendants from him too. Shouldn't they be considered for that as well? Palestinians can be Muslim or Christian. Both we should respect and be good world citizens with.

Okay last part of my rant...Many of the middle eastern problems we have had are due to this conflict and US relations with Israel. It may not be the only factor, but Middle eastern people will stick with their brothers and sisters in Palestine above the US every time. It is not a good idea to treat them poorly.

I may still not have made a definite decision for this fall, but this recent event is a point in the Obama camp in my book.

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