Monday, May 28, 2012


31 things I did in my 31st year...
1-JHAT CLASS-learned a lot about History and teaching.
2-Learned my Love of Dr. Who-Who doesn't love time travel in a telephone booth?
3-New Bookshelf-I have way too many books.
4-ESL Endorsement--ok its done tomorrow, but close enough.
5-JPAS--totally got an awesome score.
6-California 4 times-all in So. Cal and all for different reasons.
7-Disneyland Universal Studios-had fun and would love to go again sometime.
8-RS President and Released-learned a lot.
9-Family Ward-left the singles ward early
10-IPAD-bought one and love it!
11-Fell in love with song REWIND by Goldspot-Listened to it many, many times on my ipod.
12-SUU master's classes started-took 2 and got As in both!
13-One new Sister-in-Law and one more on the way.
14-Moved classrooms for the 3rd year in a row--and probably will not be my last move in the school.
15-Zion NP, ST. George Temple, Shakespeare Festival-had a mini vacation loved both!
16-Class won contest of food drive
17-Started Laser Hair removal on my legs.
18-Scar on leg from Ropes course and overcame fears-falling from heights, not heights is a fear of mine.
19-Apline Coaster-Staycation during fall break.
20-Copper Mine-Biggest open pit copper mine on my doorstep and this was my first time there.
21-Survived one of the hardest classes of my career-love them and want the best for them, but is ok to say adios!
22-Went through 2 frequent shopper snow cone cards-I love snow cones!
23-Flood from upstairs neighbors,and their smoke--oh wait they said they were glad they moved.
24-New oven-one burner from my old oven did not work so I had to buy a new one. It is so nice!
25-Watched every episode of "How I met your Mother"-I think its pretty funny.
26-Real game-first time back at a REAL game and first time at their stadium
27-pass of all passes-purchased the pass and have used it several times for Laser Tag.
28-Portable-my classroom this year was a portable. Don't really want to do that again.
29-neice in my class-She is adorable and I loved having her.
30-only one within dating age at new years without a date--yucky pda
31-Army Men left on my doorstep-Some great friends left some army men at my door as a joke. It made my day!

On a side note I went to Baskin Robins for my Birthday to celebrate turning 31!

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  1. I did JHAT many moons ago too! Did they give you tons of free books? I loved that part the best. I thought it was such a great thing and it really made me a better teacher. Also, it sounds like you had a grat year.