Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Craft

We made some pretty stellar Easter Egg Topiaries as a center piece.

Here is how:
1. Get supplies--Paper Mache Eggs, Tissue Paper, Elmer's Glue, Skewers, small planting pots, paint, floral foam, raffia
2. Ready your supplies: paint your planting pot, cut your tissue paper in small squares, poke skewers through the bottom of the egg.
3. Glue tissue papers one at a time onto the eggs. Use another skewer wrap end with tissue paper square, dip in glue and paste to the egg. Its best to start at the bottom of the egg.
4. Continue until you are done covering the entire egg.
5. Put the floral foam into the bottom of the pot, put the skewer into the foam cover with rafia and hooray you are done.

Way cute, but each egg takes around an hour + to finish.

Idea from Twiggle Box.

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